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Photo Album
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Ogi's First Photo

On 5 December 2009 I got a new puppy.  Ogi was born on 22 October, so at one month and 13 days, she was quite young when I got her.  I named her "Ogi" which is an Indonesian name and is pronounced like "Yogi Bear" but without the "Y". Ogi weighed in at .58 Kilos (1.3 Lbs.) on her first vet visit.  Ogi is half Poodle and half Shih Tzu, but as you can see, she looks more like a Shih Tzu.

Ogi takes a snooze!


Roy Mark at Novce Monk Initiation

On 28 March 2009 I was invited to attend the initiation ceremony of Novice Monks at a Wat (Buddhist Temple) in Chiang Mai.  The son of a friend of a friend was being initiated along with hundreds of other boys as a Novice Monk and will serve for about a month during their school holidays. During the initiation, the boy's feet are not allowed to touch the ground, so they are carried on the shoulders of men.  Their costumes are quite elaborate; the ornamental headdress conceals their freshly shaved heads. 

Fountain in Lake Nelly

After much forethought and planning, I finally made a proper fountain for Lake Nelly complete with lights.  The project turned out to be easier that I had expected and the final product was to everyone's liking.  To see more pictures of the fountain as we were placing it in the lake, click on the picture at the left, or on the link below:

More Fountain Pictures Here


Somchai with Catfish
January 2008
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The Picture on the left shows my gardener, Somchai showing off a catfish caught in January 2008.  On the right, he is showing a catfish caught in September '08.  All of the fish have grown quite large, particularly the catfish.   

Somchai with Big Catfish
September 2008
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Christmas on Lake Nelly
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December sunrise over Lake Nelly.

Guest at House Party

After much preparation, I had the house dedication and open house party for my new house in Chaing Mai on 22 November 2007.   Five Buddhist Monks conducted the dedication, and several hundred villagers partook of the food and drink at the party that followed.  To see more pictures of the dedication ceremony and party, click on the picture at left or the link below:

More Party Pictures Here

The Hunt Plot
A new page has been added to this site entitled, "Virtual Cemetery".  There you will fine a collection of photos of some of my relatives' headstones.  The photos are from cemeteries from around the country.  Click on Virtual Cemetery at the top of this page or on the picture on the left. 
Roy Mark at Wan Dek Party
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I am presenting an award to a young Thai dancer after her performance at the annual "Wan Dek" (Children's Day) performance and party, 8 January 2005.
Raja Roy Mark
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"Raja" Roy in traditional Northern Thai attire.
Roy Mark in Irian Jaya with Dani Tribe
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A trip down memory lane begins with a 1992 photo taken with the Dani Tribe in Irian Jaya (the island of New Guinea), Indonesia.  These men were cannibals until fairly recently.  Their attire consists of head dressing and penis gourd.  I am second from the right.  
Roy Mark with the Chief of the Dani Tribe
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The Chief of the Dani Tribe poses with me in this 1992 photo.  
Roy Mark - Mummy and Me
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This former Chief of the Dani Tribe comes out only for photo opportunities.  He spends most of his days and nights in the cooking hut, where the smoke has kept him mummified for over 400 years.  
Nelly P. Dog and Novi P. Doki
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This was my  "daughter" Nelly with Novi when they were both about 6 months old.  Nelly was half Indonesian, half American, and 100% Schnauzer.  Nelly died on 7 October 2005. 

More Nelly Pictures


Roy Mark with Hill Tribe Girls
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I visited a hill tribe village near Burma.  These two girls are wearing brass rings on their necks to "stretch" their necks.  The result is that by adulthood, their necks will appear incredibly long.   To read more about this practice and see more pictures:

More Pictures  Here


The Bridge on the River Kwai

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The real Bridge on the River Kwai.  To read more about  the real bridge (and Hollywood's bridge) and to see more  pictures: 

 More Bridge Pictures - Click Here


Roy Mark at the Golden Triangle with Hill Tribe Children
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Standing at the "Golden Triangle".  The Golden Triangle is the point where Northern Thailand meets Myanmar (Burma), and Laos.  These local girls speak perfect English.  Their vocabulary however is limited to 8 words, "You take photo one person five Baht, OK?".   This group of four girls cost me 20 Baht (50 U.S. Cents).
Roy Mark on elephant
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The daily commute in Thailand.
Tuk-Tuk in Bangkok
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A more common means of transport throughout Thailand is the Tuk-Tuk.  The Tuk-Tuk  is a three wheeled motorcycle with a bench seat in the rear for passengers.  Payment is by the barter system.  The amount paid will depend on the distance to be traveled and whether it is raining or not.   
Thai Samlor or Pedicab
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The "Samlor" is a three wheeled pedicab.  The name samlor translates into English as "three wheels".  It was quite common when I first visited Chiang Mai in the early '90's.  Today, it is still seen on the city's streets but will soon be just a memory. 

More pictures are on the way, check back soon and often. 

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