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House Dedication and Party
22 November 2007

In Thailand it is customary to have Buddhist Monks perform a dedication ceremony and party for a new house.  Not knowing anything about this tradition,  I simply turned over responsibility (and money) for my party to my driver and his mother, who happens to be the village chief.  As village chief, she has arranged for and hosted many such parties.  The date of the party was chosen as with all important event by a Buddhist Monk.  In this case he chose 22 November which happened to be Thanksgiving in the U.S.


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Invitation The invitations were printed and distributed to the people of the village.  The house was spruced up.  On the morning of the event, many people arrived to set up tents and then tables and chairs.  Erecting tent


Flower arrangements were placed around the house.  My furniture was removed from the living room in order to prepare ample space for the ceremony.  Monk's Seats



Somchat running string

Prior to the ceremony, string was strung completely around the house and property.  The picture on the left shows my gardener placing the string on the top of the fence.  The picture on the right shows the string going from the fence to the house where it completely surrounds the house.  String around house


The string then enters the house and is placed upon the alter for use during the ceremony.  Alter in Living Room


Five Monks from three different temples  arrived to performed the ceremony.  The Monks then chanted and did their thing with the string that was then wrapped around all of the people in any way associated with the house. House Ceremony

Monks gin cow

The ceremony took about one hour, after which the monks were given gift baskets, money and lunch.

Guest at lawn party

After the Monks ate, the guest had their lunch under the tents provided on the front lawn.  Several other groups ate at tables provided along the side of the house.  One group dined in the servant's kitchen.  Guest at House Party

Early arrivals staked their claim to the tables provided on the sala over Lake Nelly. 

Roy Mark - Guest on Sala

Khun Ed gets ice cream

After lunch, many guest raided the ice cream stand.

Launching hot air lanterns

In the evening, we launched hot air lanterns over Chiang Mai. 

Roy Mark - Launching Hot Air Lantern

All in all, it was an interesting and enjoyable experience but I am very happy that it is over. 



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