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This is the first photograph  ever taken of the Nobles

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The Nobles
(Click on the Picture to see the full Sized Photo)

From Left to Right:   Don Courtade, John Dauenhauer, 
Bill Murray, George Fried, Don Sixkiller, Roy Mark, Melvin Navo

This photo was taken around 1960

During the early days of Rock-‘n-Roll, high school kids around America joined with friends to form a band.  In those days the essentials were a drummer,  two or three saxophone players, lead and base guitar players, one of which doubled as lead singer. The mix of youthful enthusiasm and a couple of Saturday morning practices produced instant Rock-‘n-Roll.  My fifteen minutes of Rock glory came in the early 1960’s playing with two bands.  Actually they were variations of the same band under different names.  I was one of three sax players with “The Fairlanes” and “The Nobles”.  We mostly practiced, but did play a few dances and even a “Battle of the Bands”.   I left the Nobles in 1962 and filed those memories fondly with the memories of other high school activities.                                    

I was shocked a few years back when my old friend and fellow Nobleman Bill Murray contacted me.  Bill was a founding member of The Nobles and played drums for The Nobles until 2008 when a bad stroke forced his retirement.  Fifty years later The Nobles are still in existence and in fact have become the longest running and most successful band in New Orleans history. 

The Nobles were honored in 1999 when all 63 current and past Nobles were inducted into the Louisiana Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Listen to a short audio clip of The Nobles hit, "Let's Party, It's Mardi Gras"

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13 September, 2010

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