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Fountain in Lake Nelly

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Rigging Fountain
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The picture on the left shows the tripod legs and piping of the fountain.  The crew is securing the electrical cord for the lights.  On the right they are preparing to place the fountain in the lake.  To make their task a little easier, we had pumped a few feet of water from the lake. 

Installing Fountain
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Installing Flountain in Lake Nelly
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Placing the fountain in the center of the lake was easy; getting it perfectly level took some doing. 



After allowing the lake to refill, the fountainhead ended up about 10 inches above the water level.  The pump for the fountain is setting on the cement slab below the sala. 

Lake Nelly, Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Lake Nelly at dawn
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All of my attempts at capturing a nighttime picture resulted in a white blob on a black background.  I settled on a dawn picture to give a reasonable representation of what the fountain looks like at night. 

Lake Nelly, from the sala
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It is very pleasant and relaxing sitting on the sala with the sounds of splashing water in the background.  The aeration of the water should make for a healthy environment for the fish.    




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