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If for No Other Reason, Tobacco Smoke Stinks!

  I once attended a party in Norway in which my company had invited a number of its customers.  Among the customers were a man and his wife from France.  We of course were trying to be cordial hosts to all of our customers at the party.     The lady and her French husband were good conversationalists and would otherwise be a pleasure to have around, except for the obvious fact that neither man nor woman had bathed in a month of Sundays.  Being the dead of winter in Norway, windows were closed exacerbating the situation.  We were pleasant to the offending couple, and hoped our conversing from slightly afar  was not noticed by them.  

    As the party progressed and the liquor flowed, someone made the sickening decision to clear the tables to make room for a dance floor.  A sickening decision it was since the lady loved to dance, and was not hesitant to ask any man for a dance.  Not wanting to lose a big bucks contract, we were obliged to accept.  Many men that evening  feigned "hot flashes" as we opened windows for fresh air. 

    This French couple had no idea the stench that was emanating from their bodies nor the radius of contamination.  They could not smell a thing.  Nor can smokers smell the stench of their clothes, their hair, their breath or their tobacco smoke.  The French couples use of deodorant did not hide weeks of bacteria nor does a smoker blowing smoke sideways lessen the stench, particularly to the unfortunate person standing to their side.   


World No Smoking Day

31 May

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