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War Criminals Seek Presidency


18 May 2004

JAKARTA--  A UN-backed court based in the new nation of East Timor has issued an arrest warrant for one of Indonesia’s presidential candidates.  The candidate, General Wiranto was indicted last year for command responsibility in the murder of hundreds of Timorese during the 1999 independence struggle of East Timor.  At least 1,500 East Timorese were slaughtered by local militia armed and supported by the Indonesian army under General Wiranto’s command.  Wiranto has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and has said the accusations were aimed at undermining his candidacy.  

The General's claim that the accusations were aimed at undermining his candidacy seemed rather far fetched considering the accusations first arose in 1999 during the slaughter and the General's candidacy began some 5 years later.   

(Presidential candidate Wiranto
 denies involvement in atrocities)

The political party of former dictator Soeharto nominated Wiranto as its candidate for presidential elections to be held on July 5. 

In the United States, presidential candidate, John Kerry  admitted in 1971, before the U.S. congress to  taking part in atrocities during his 4 months of service in Vietnam.

(Presidential candidate Kerry, in 1971
 admitting  involvement in atrocities)

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