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Mark Family History


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Emma Mark began her research into the family's history in November of 1924 when a relative –who wished to join the Daughters of the American Revolution– contacted her asking for information about the family.  After years of research, Miss Mark began writing The Mark Family History  in the fall of 1945.

Emma Mark had not yet completed the work when she died in 1950.  After her death, her manuscript was compiled, bound and fifty copies were distributed to family members.

Now, her work has been reorganized, rewritten and professionally published and is available to anyone in a Handsome Hardbound Edition, a Glossy Softbound Edition, and on a searchable Compact Disk. 

Follow the family from Joseph Mark –of the first generation, arriving in America from Holland in 1732– to the eighth generation; the generation of the editor and publisher of this book. 

 You will read of the exploits of the Mark Family during America’s wars.  From the Battle of the Brandywine to Barddock’s Defeat in the French and Indians War; they were Patriots in the War of Independence and Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the Spanish American War and World Wars I and II. 

 Follow the exploits of Benjamin Mark from his joining the Union Army as a lad of 18, to his mission to exchange Confederate Prisoners for Union Prisoners at City Point, Virginia in 1863.  March with Benjamin Mark as he fought –at times barefooted– in the Civil War.  You will feel a part of Ben’s 23rd Missouri Regiment as they scavenged for their food and laid Siege to Atlanta.

 You will be amazed at the accounts of how the colonists lived, and you’ll read first hand accounts of how the pioneers of Iowa and Missouri survived and thrived with nothing more that their wits and hard work. 

 “…true pioneers, happy–go–lucky, no worries, every day sufficient unto itself”

 Glimpse into the 19th Century when Emma explains that, “The finances of that [school] district were not sufficient to hire a competent man teacher, so I was hired at $22.00 a month…”

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