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About the Cover

The 8 1/4" by 11 3/4"
Hardback Edi

Emma Mark’s manuscript states that a cover was designed and burned by Mrs. Eva F. M. Garrett, a Methodist minister who was serving as field man for Simpson College.  There was no cover included within the manuscript from which this publication was taken. 

The Editor and Publisher, Roy Davis “Pikey” Mark designed the cover for this book.



The 5" X 8"
ossy Softback Edition

The Pictures are (Clockwise from Twelve O’Clock):


The Jess L. Mark home in Celeste, Texas, circa 1955.  Standing in the foreground is James Hunt Mark, grandson of Jess Mark at about 11 years and seated in a chair on the porch –barely visible– is Jo Lynn “Bussie” Cameron, granddaughter of Jess Mark at about 7 years of age.

01:00  –

Roy Davis “Pikey” Mark, the Editor and Publisher at about 10 years of age. 

05:00  –

Emma Mark, the Author.  The photo appears on pages 112 and 217 of the hardbound edition.  Emma Mark also appears in a group photo on page 93.

08:00  –

Benjamin Lee Mark and his wife Mary Foxworthy Mark, the father and mother of Emma Mark. 

10:00  –

Benjamin Lee Mark, June 4, 1874. 


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